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Discover Who You Really Are with a Birth Chart Reading

Birth Chart Chapter 1: Your Elements

Your Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

The four elements — fire, earth, air and water — are the fundamental building blocks of your birth chart! Each zodiac sign is associated with one of the elements, and all the signs of the same element share certain basic characteristics. This birth chart calculator will help you see which elements you are “strong” in, as well as the elements you are “weak” in.

Birth Chart Chapter 2: Your Inner Self

Your Sun sign and the Sun in your chart

When someone asks, “What’s your sign?” they’re asking about your Sun Sign. Even though there’s much more to Astrology than just your Sun sign, the Sun is considered the most significant feature of your birth chart. The Sun’s sign and house show how you “shine your light” in the world — your vitality, creativity and even your work.

Birth Chart Chapter 3: Your Outer Self

Your Rising sign and your Ascendant in your chart

While the Sun symbolizes your essential self, the Rising sign — or Ascendant — represents the part of yourself the rest of the world sees. Your Rising sign describes your outer personality, appearance, general outlook on life, and how you take action. Think of it as the mask that you wear when you head out into the world!

Birth Chart Chapter 4: Your Emotions

Your Moon sign and the Moon in your chart

The mysterious and ever-changing Moon rules your feminine side: your emotions, your needs, and your intuition. The Moon’s position and aspects help you understand what you need from others and what makes you feel safe, supported, and secure. The Moon works on a subconscious level; in fact, you may not be as aware of the Moon’s influence in your life! When you’re on “auto-pilot,” you are most likely acting out the qualities of your natal Moon.

Birth Chart Chapter 5: Your Intellect

Mercury in your chart

Mercury is the planet of your mental processes. Mercury’s place in your Astrology chart gives insight into the way your mind works — how you think, learn, and receive and disseminate information — as well as how you communicate with others. The sign placement of Mercury shows your overall attitude and mental habits.

Birth Chart Chapter 6: How You Love

Venus in your chart

Venus reveals how you relate to others — the kinds of people you are attracted to, the kinds of people who are attracted to you, and your unique way of experiencing love. Understanding your Venus sign will help you realize what kinds of interpersonal relationships you need to feel happy and fulfilled. At a more basic level, Venus also describes what gives you pleasure.

Birth Chart Chapter 7: How You Live Life

Mars in your chart

Mars is the first planet beyond Earth in the solar system. It represents your independent and active side — the way you approach life outside of your personal relationships. Mars is known as the “action planet” and represents how you behave at your job to what sports or activities you pursue to how you go about your daily life.

Birth Chart Chapter 8: Your Strengths

Jupiter and your Midheaven in your chart

Jupiter traditionally represents good luck and success. Looking at Jupiter in your birth chart is a good way to explore your strengths and figure out what kind of work you would enjoy. Complementing Jupiter, meanwhile, is your Midheaven. The Midheaven is the highest point in your chart, representing your ambitions, career, fame, and recognition in the public eye.

Chapter 9: Your Challenges

Saturn and the North Node in your chart

Saturn is considered a “heavy” influence, showing where you are tested — the lessons and challenges you have to tackle in order to achieve success. Saturn shows both where you can go to extremes and express a trait too strongly, and where you can fail to take action because of fear or insecurity. The South Node of the Moon shows the path of least resistance that you’re likely to take in this lifetime. However, your instincts in these situations aren’t necessarily good for you. The North Node of the Moon shows you a healthier, more balanced direction for dealing with stress. Using this insight helps you let go of old unhealthy habits and embrace a new way of coping with problems.

Chapter 10: How You Fit In

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in your chart

The outer planets — Uranus, Neptune and Pluto — move so slowly they remain in the same sign for several years! Because all the people in your age group will most likely have Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in the same signs, they are called “generational” planets. Instead of describing your personal life, they reveal influences that affect your entire generation. However, the houses in your chart where the outer planets reside — determined by your time of birth, rather than the year of your birth — show how you may go against the grain or be unusual among people of your age.


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